Gospel Kenyan Celebrities

Are you team weaves, wigs or natural hair? Well, it doesn’t matter, whatever you like is none of my business as long as you are comfortable with it.

A signature hair-do defines the type person you are. It distinguishes one from the crowd, and of late, signature hair-dos are becoming a trend in the Kenyan showbiz industry. Celebrities are trendsetters and are always expected to look exceptional and set the pace and trends for their fans to follow especially when it comes to fashion.

Meet Kenyan Female Celebrities And Their Unique Hairstyles

Gospel female celebrities are giving their secular counterparts a run for their money. From fashion to music, they are indeed the trendsetters; thanks to salvation. Anyway, from Kathy Kiuna to Mercy Masika, meet the Kenyan female Gospel celebrities with UNIQUE hairstyles.

  1. Kathy Kiuna

The wife to flamboyant city pastor Bishop Allan Kiuna. ‘Mum’, as she is commonly referred to by her followers, is the queen in this game. She is popularly known for her black and gold weaves; that makes her stand out from the crowd.