anne kansiime

Anne Kansiime is one of the biggest comedians in Africa and undoubtedly the biggest and most popular in East Africa.

She has not achieved her success on a silver platter and has struggled her way up in getting her career running and staying relevant in the competitive industry of comedy.

Kansiime recently received backlash from some of her Uganda fans when she revealed that she was supporting Yoweri Museveni for Presidency in the recently concluded general elections in Uganda.

Being Anne Kansiime, she gave hilarious responses to her fans, especially those who insinuated she was being given a lot of money or those who asked her how much she had been paid to campaign for him.

You Won’t Believe Why Some Ugandans Are Not Laughing To Anne Kansiime’s Jokes Anymore

A few weeks ago, the brilliant comedienne revealed that she used to be insecure with her small breasts because they took long to develop; something that shocked many of her fans.

Kansiime posted a photo when she was 17 years old, revealing that it was her happiest day because her boobs had started to grow! She wrote;

It is important to note that my breasts had refused to grow till I was 17years of age. So for me, this photo meant the world to me. Cos this might be the first time I ever felt very beautiful.

anne kansiime

Now, this time, the 28-year-old, has shared a photo when she was 12 years old when she was depressed and had low self-esteem because her breasts had refused to grow, making her have a flat chest.

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Anne compared then and now, revealing that she never thought she would be this popular and thrive in her career. Oh, and finally have big boobs.