Wangoi Ng'ang'a

With less than eight months remaining before the 2017 general election, many have started warming up for the different political seats. From presidential, senatorial to members of parliament, no one wants to be left behind. And the Nairobi woman representative seat is one that has attracted many. It has more than five contestants and Wangui Ng’ang’a is among the hopefuls. She is certain that come next year, she is going to unseat incumbent Rachel Shebesh, who seems to be sinking into oblivion.

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Well, Mpasho had a one-on-one interview with Wangui, and here is her interesting story. Wangui, who was been branded the sexy politician by Team Mafisi after her sexy photos surfaced, is a hardworking woman. She was the first to start campaigning with more than 10 billboards in Nairobi put up earlier this year.

Immediately after completing campus back in 2007, the gorgeous woman ventured into the construction business: a career or profession many women would never attempt to. At first she didn’t know it was going to be a success. She sold construction materials for quite a while. After saving her income, she then expanded her business. She started constructing  houses herself and also ventured into real estate, which picked up and she says that it pays well.

 “If it was hard work I couldn’t be where I am now. What a man can do a woman can do better,” says Wangui

The sexy lady is among the few female public figures who live a quiet life, despite fame and money. She is wealthy and rarely flaunts her wealth on social media. She owns a number of properties locally and in the region. However, she does not believe she has to flash them on social media. She is not the type who likes showing off. She owns a fleet of vehicles for work and pleasure. She recently bought a brand new 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 to reward herself for her hard work.

Wangui is passionate about women and believes they too have a right to enjoy the finer things in life with their families.

She is considered a gemstone among prominent politicians and businessmen for her business savvy mind. Wangui has built dams and started more than 20 irrigation projects all over Kenya to improve the lives of women and Kenyans. Wangui will be vying on a Jubilee ticket.