They say what a man can do a woman can do better and I agree to that.

Of late women are making headlines in the male-dominated fields and we have several politicians, pilots and even engineers.

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Well, with lack of job opportunities especially in our country, there are some jobs women take up for the hustle, just to make ends meet.
From becoming house maids to venturing into prostitution, here are the jobs city women do for the hustle.


Most unemployed graduates become househelps with many hoping to change their lives but only few do. Apart from doing the normal house chores, others are forced to even clean corpses. Recently a story of a house help who was forced to clean and sleep with a corpse went viral.

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Some women resort to working in bars and most of the times, many face a number of challenges. From working till late hours to being underpaid, most do such jobs because they have no other options.


Prostitution is illegal in several countries but it is still practiced. Here in Kenya many venture into the twilight business for various reasons such as poverty, being orphaned and others out of choice. All they tend to do is earn a living.

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Matatu touts

We have seen several women working as matatu touts /conductors in various PSVs. Many take up this odd job because they have no other option.