DJ MO and Grace Ekirapa

Grace Ekirapa, NTV’s presenter of CrossOver 101 is having the time of her life. Reports have it that she is currently in Mombasa where she is on vacay.

Well, last weekend she was replaced by gospel singer Daddy Owen in the show. The gospel star was tasked with interviewing Divock Origi who plays as a forward for Liverpool, and the Belgium national team.

Well, here are photos that show Ekirapa is enjoying her vacay.

Grace Ekirapa

Grace Ekirapa

Grace Ekirapa

Sharing these moments with her loved ones on holiday, Ekirapa paused and penned down a letter to her fans that:

“I saw it, I followed it, I conquered it. Every path we follow in life has to begin with vision. My Spiritual Dad always says, Grace if you can see it, you can have it. Question is, What are you seeing?? or better ask, are you seeing at all??Take the time and remove yourself from the hazy path and you will realize that it’s clearer from the other side. Not all of us are bold enough to withdraw from this path because we are afraid of the unknown but What If you were blocking the light that was to illuminate the path?? What if you moving away will allow proper sight of the path?? Child, take the step and even though it is scary and you are afraid, let’s just say, you better find out, instead of sitting and wondering what it would be like, if you really did it. My father spoke in parables, well, I am My Fathers Son 🎤.”

Grace Ekirapa

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On the other hand, Owen was exited to be sitting in for Ekirapa, saying it was a dream come true .

“Today I had one of the greatest moment in my life! Hosting a show! And my guest was the greatest Divock origi and moji short baba ! My passion and knowledge for football and Music made me have an opportunity to host one of the biggest stars in world football and Gospel Artist moji ! Was sitting in for grace ekirapa thank you.”

daddy owen