Yester evening, twitter went crazy with#MuteDarkEnergy with the bone of contention being that many media personalities and journalists don’t have content.


Mwalimu Rachel
NRG’s presenter Rachael

NRG radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael came out to defend media houses by saying:

Let’s face it. Some so called big wigs here have trieeeeed to join radio but failed. Terribly. And that’s why they are so bitter here towards radio stations/ personalities. There is an opinion you can raise in a decent manner and you will be heard. #MuteDarkEnergy.

Brian Mbunde
Twitter bigwig Brian.

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This was after Twitter bigwig and influencer Brian Mbunde who is known for his outspoken opinions tweet’s triggered the conversation when he posted saying that:

“media houses should invest in content producers in order to have a lot more creative content on their shows instead of discussing the same topic all morning.”

Mwalimu Rachael went ahead and tweeted:

 #KeepTheSameEnergy on and off these fake twitter streets. Some of you are here throwing stones yet tukipull footage from our studio we shall see you dancing inside our studios and drinking. Hata haya hamna? Man.You really are the S.I unit of fake and two faced. Aunty will pray4u— Africa’s Finest💋 (@MwalimuRachel) January 28, 2019
Mwalimu Rachel
Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael

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She also came after the people who countered her arguments with the story of her ‘explicit’ photos with rapper Timmy Tdat. She atleast owned up to the photos saying they were used to promote her new show with the rapper last year.

Mwalimu Rachael and Timmy
Radio presenter and artist Timmy

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She said:

To those posting the pic with Timmy… ah. Predictable. But you see, once u mess up& admit it& move on with ur life my people,no one can hurt u. Lemme even wheel it back with the article I wrote.