Radio King Maina Kageni was left in stitches after his co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i shared how he used to rock underwear with bells.

According to Mwalimu, the two bells were just a way of adding pomp to the innerwear, a memory that still makes him cringe with embarrassment.

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Speaking during the Morning show on Classic 105, Mwalimu narrated,

‘There were underwear Indians used to sell to us and they had a bell.’

“Where were the bells, How did they fit into your trousers?” asked Maina.

To which Mwalimu Kingangi responded,

On the left.

The bells used to hang like bling, they were positioned like rings.

They were yellow and they had stripes.

Kwani haukua unavaa?

Those are some of the things that the Indians used to sell to us before the Chinese came along.
Others even had pockets.

A shocked Maina Kageni responded stating that he had never seen such inner clothing in his life.

‘I have never seen such underwear, I don’t know where you used to buy them, ama they were only sold in Ukambani?

Maina comes from a well-to-do family and that is why he can’t understand how a human being can rock underwear that has bells.

Back in the day ladies used to wear nylon pants, so bad were they that they would wear and tear very easily.

Thankfully technology has improved and people can now wear cotton innerwear without breaking the bank.

As a child what are your most embarrassing moments with inner clothing?

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