A majority of Kenyan men have said that given a chance they would not marry the women they are currently living with, they would choose differently.

This does not come as shock given that women feel the same way.

Asked by Maina Kageni if he would marry his wife Mwongeli in a different life during their breakfast show on Classic 105, Mwalimu King’angi’ responded,

‘My hands are tied. I chose to remain silent as anything I say can be used against me.

Those are the type of things you keep to your heart. Maina please stop lighting a fire where there is none.’

Most Kenyan men say that Kenyan women are nagging and wanapenda kelele what they do not understand is that without them they would be nothing.

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Who would love to have a husband who drinks throughout, does not take care of the bills, can’t even take a proper shower?

Women are by nature expressive, so if they have a problem they will always want to talk about it.

Men should either deal with that ama wabaki single.

Some of these men shouting about how they would not get married to their wives again have given her nothing but misery, mtu anazeekea kwako juu ya stress.

Men, you are not doing women a favour by marrying them, women are stronger than you think.

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They handle pressure and stress better and that is why suicide rates among men is high.

A parting shot, even if you went ahead and married the next woman, you will still want to leave her.

Because all women nag, and if a woman does not nag you just know she stopped caring a long time ago.

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