James Nganga
James Nganga with his Lexus LF-570

Mwalimu King’angi’ said he loves how confident Pastor Ng’ang’a is even at times when everybody is doubting him.

Speaking during the Morning show on Classic 105, he poked holes at how misinformed the pastor is.

He said,

‘I love how confident he is, we umeskia hata hata vaa gloves. Kazi itakua tu kupiga gita?

The government has advised citizens to practice social distancing and wear masks because now the virus is being transmitted locally.

Cases of those infected in Kenya has surpassed the 100 mark as per yesterday.


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Speaking on a video doing rounds on social media he said,

‘If the government allowed me, I would have been brought 20 people who have coronavirus.

We would be kept in one room and I would bring along my guitar

I would sing ‘There is no other God like you’ also known as ‘Hakuna Mungu kama wewe.’

I would not even touch them. but they would get healed. Hata gloves singevaa.’

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Pastor Nganga risks facing jail for making those promises at a time when the country is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2019, Ng’ang’a left tongues wagging after saying that he could have healed the late Bomet governor Laboso of cancer.

Laboso succumbed after many years of battling the disease and Ng’ang’a felt of she had met him she would have survived.

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