muthoni Mukiri

Kenyan YouTuber and former Inooro TV presenter, Muthoni Mukiri, has narrated how a breakup left her feeling hopeless and unwanted.

According to Muthoni, the breakup made her doubt her self worth adding she has since recovered from it.

My breakup made me feel like a failure. I never thought I would recover from that.

I was mad at everyone and would get constant headaches

Sometimes we get into chaotic relationships and only realize so after breaking up. I thought I would never date again and that I was done with men.

I thought I had been bewitched.’

To anyone going through a breakup, she advised,

‘Do what you can at the moment, do not sit alone when you are going through the worst.  Pain will always be there but it’s the decisions  you make that will help you decide the quality of life you will leave,’ Muthoni shared On her YouTube channel

Muthoni had in the past narrated how she dated a narcissist who would stalk her, tap her phone among many other cruel things.

So bad was the relationship that she had to undergo therapy to get over it.

She advised people to take a day at a time practise self-care and just avoid things that hurt them in the first place.

She also advised that it’s good to take lessons from the relationship as it will be beneficial in the coming days.

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