Jose Gatutura

I’m not a fan of vernacular songs but ‘Thie Ukiumaga’ has got me singing along to every line. It’s  a dope song. This is apart from Mariru and Ino Ni Momo (my all time favorite Kikuyu songs). Jose Gatutura has made me fall in love with the people from the mountain. Thie Ukiumaga, which was released early this year, is currently dominating the local airwaves.

The jam, which talks about a prostitute, Irene, who isn’t classy; narrates how she beds anyone from the truck drivers, the disable and even her relatives, is an educational song aimed at the young girls who have turned their bodies into a sex business. The singer Jose Gaturura warns such kind of ladies that AIDs is real and that they should take care.

This song has more than 300k views on Youtube and this has proven to the “wannabe ” Kanyes, Diamonds and Beyonces of Kenya that you don’t have to fake accents and shoot expensive videos to be famous. Be original! I bet some of these big names in the local music industry are somewhere crying after seeing Jose Gaturura’s success. For those who don’t know the Thie Ukiummaga hit singer