Last month, we broke the news to you that Ms. Karun was pregnant. I tried to reach out to her via Instagram for a comment to no avail. I guess the good lads and lass from Camp Mulla are alittle media shy after my run-in with their one time road manager Mykie Tuchi.

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But as they say, a pregnancy can only remain hidden for so long. And Ms. Karun tried for a while to keep things discrete and even went as far as deleting her Instagram photos but she eventually acquiesced and allowed her friend, Taio Trippper, a multi-talented rapper who wears many hats to get the exclusive photos of her pregnancy. Actually, I just found out it was his girlfriend and both their bandmate Marushka who got the exclusive. The three are part of collective called Cosmic Homies.

Right of the bat, the first thing you notice is that she’s glowing. She has a radiance to her that some women get when they’re pregnant.

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Seeing how they say a photo is worth 1,000 words, allow me to truncate my jibberjabber and get on down to the photos of Ms Karun during her last trimester:

Karun pregger8 Karun pregger7 Karun pregger6 Karun pregger5 Karun pregger4 Karun pregger3 Karun pregger2 Karun pregger1 Karun pregger

Photographs: Marushka/NuFvnk

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