This is a sort of rant for not being able to be online all weekend. The reason I am on a rant mission is because there is something awfully bad with my current smart phone.

It is at this point that I feel like calling it a dumb phone. It is no longer smart. First off, it consumed over a gigabyte of mobile data. How, I do not know. And all this just as the weekend was beginning. NKT!

So yes, I have been analogue all through 48 hours of Saturday and Sunday. Can’t even view my photos, or respond to a Whatsapp message. Ok, let’s not even go that far, coz the dumb phone cannot help me get online at all!

So right now, as I type this, the phone is still having issue with responding to WIFI. If it cannot pick WIFI, what else will it pick?? Yaani I am still off the grid! No photos can download, despite having fixed a rather expensive SD card to boost its memory.

Maybe I should get classes on how to use a smart phone. But is there time for all that? I do not even have a few spare minutes to run down town and shop for one!

Now to better news. There is someone willing to sort me out. Yaani take the pain of getting a good phone to me. This is

They have some offers that will keep you awake. Imagine what? Genuine smart phone handsets selling for up to 50% discount? Surely this is the best news ever, on this cloudy Monday morning!

As soon as am done informing you, I must visit that website. I must engage them further coz I need a deal that works! You could join me too, and grab a great bargain today!