Those top bloggers you see leading glamorous lives don’t just type away the whole night and wait for clients to approach them. One of the ways they earn their money is through affiliate marketing.

They do this by talking about their clients’ products and services in their stories. They often link the customers to the client by putting a link to the latter’s website. One of the companies helping bloggers earn is Santana Foundation.

It is an IT company based in Nairobi. They offer services ranging from domain registration, website hosting to data mining. They are currently having a terrific offer that will help you earn money online.

Their affiliate marketing programme is structured uniquely. If you have a blog, you can register with them so that you get paid for talking about their clients’ products and/or services.

Isn’t that a good deal?

Visit them at;

Nairobi Office
Plutonium Plaza
2nd & 4th Floors

Eldoret Office
Zion Mall
1st Floor

Kisumu Office
East Africa Society Building
6th Floor

Click on the image below for more services offered by Santana.


You can contact them via for more details.