Muhoho Kenyatta

Muhoho Kenyatta is definitely a rich kid since he comes from a wealthy family. There are several things that make him stand out from the rest, apart from the fact that he is the President’s son. Some of them will surprise you. Read on.

1. Charity

Muhoho Kenyatta1

Muhoho recently visited Kenyatta National Hospital Children’s Cancer Ward and Maternity Wing, donated equipment and one million shillings. Not many rich kids would do that. They’d rather spend money on clothes and fast cars. That’s really cool, right?

2. Fashion


He is a fashion entrepreneur. Muhoho’s brand Nomadic has been showcased at the Kenya International Fashion Week before. Due to school engagements, he has kept it on hold. Not many rich kids of Instagram are entrepreneurs. They chose to feast on their parents money in order to impress.

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