Kanye and Kim meeting Yoweri

Kanye West has been a source of controversy this year.

The prime reason for that is his support for President Donald Trump, a man who divides popular opinion.

Trump and Kanye
Trump and Kanye

Now, Kanye who is in Uganda has made time to visit Yoweri in the Head of States house of official residence. He has been visiting the countries sites and also recording music there.

Kanye said that he had been inspired by French Montana’s trip to Uganda last year where he filmed the video for the immensely successful song, “Unforgettable”.

The video is below:

After it’s success, Kanye also wants to get some of that mojo and decided to visit the country that the colonialists affectionately dubbed the “Pearl of Africa”.

And he did so this past weekend. He also decided to visit the countries president, Yoweri Musuveni. He was a great host and treated them like high and mighty dignitaries.

Kanye not one to be overshadowed also did his part as a good guest giving Museveni a sneaker, even signing it.

An example of a Yeezy shoe-Courtesy/StockX

Don’t forget that Kanye has a sneaker line with Adidas called Yeezy and they are most likely the shoes he gave M7.

The shoe company is set to make Kanye a dollar billionaire according to recent reports.

Check out the pictures below of Museveni with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian:

Kanye and Kim meeting Yoweri Kanye and Kim meeting Yoweri Kanye and Kim meeting Yoweri Kanye and Kim meeting Yoweri

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