The last few months have left Kenyans trying to unravel the mysterious murders that are happening almost daily, with many fearing to commit to marriage.

Some were committed by people known to the victims and some by unknown people.

Below are several women in the recent past that have been killed under mysterious circumstances.

  1. Anne Kathure

The 24-year-old woman who went missing in September and her clothes dumped outside their gate was found brutally murdered in Meru.

Anne Kathure, a mother of two left work never to reach home only for her clothes to be found near their house.

Anne Kathure

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2. Judith Wanjiku and Catherine Mwai

Judith Wanjiku, 73 and her daughter Catherine Mwai were found murdered in September 2019 at their South B home.

The elderly woman was found on a blood-soaked mattress with a sisal rope tied around her neck.
Catherine Mwai and her mother Judith Wanjiku
3. Emma Wanyota
Emmah Wanyota, 21, was killed and her body badly mutilated at their home.
She was at the time, a student at Vera Beauty College. Her body was discovered with her intestines pulled out.
Emmah had also been raped and her limbs were missing.
According to neighbours, Emmah was the third victim to have been killed by Mustafa her alleged ex.
Mustafa and Emmah Wanyota

4.Faith Wangui

Faith Wangui, a mother of two, who went missing on Sunday, November 10 was found murdered and her body thrown in a thicket near Menengai Crater in Nakuru.

The 25-year-old mother of two left Muranga last Saturday, where she lives with her children for Nakuru.

She was taking the kids – a six-year-old and a two-year-old – to their aunt’s place for December holidays and was to return to Muranga on Sunday but she didn’t.

Similarities between the murders of Joyce Syombua and Faith Wangui

Faith Wangui

Her ex-husband Joseph Muchiri later committed suicide.
Muchiri was found dangling from a tree in Mau Narok.
Faith’s badly mutilated body showed brutal wounds, her left hand and breast had been chopped off, and her face doused in what is suspected to be acid.
5. Joyce Syombua
Joyce Syombua and her two kids are the latest victims of crimes of passion.
Joyce and her two kids, Shanice and Prince Michael were allegedly brutally murdered by Major Peter Mugure and their bodies buried in a shallow grave in Nanyuki.
Before the discovery, the trio had been missing for 21 days.
Major Peter Mugure and the family he allegedly murdered,his wife Joyce Syombua,daughter Shanice and son Prince Michael.
6.Leah Momanyi
 Leah Momanyi was found dead days after she screamed in her house but the neighbours could not locate where the screams were coming from.

The 24-year old Kisii University student was raped and stabbed to death in her Kasarani estate apartment.

On the night of her death, Leah Momanyi arrived in the building at 8 pm and headed straight to her house on the second floor, according to neighbours and a watchman.

Leah Momanyi

The caretaker told DCI officials in Kasarani that he heard Momanyi scream for help at 11.35 pm on November 8 but could not locate her bedsitter on the second floor.

Her body was discovered by her alleged boyfriend two days later.

“On Sunday 10/11/2019, at about 06.00 am, a boyfriend of the deceased alleges he had come from home and when he opened the door with his key.

he found Leah lying in bed, blood on the floor, room messed up, a knife on the ground and she was dead,” the police statement reads.

On discovery of the body, the alleged boyfriend notified Momanyi’s cousins who live nearby.

7. Lucy Nyira

Lucy Nyira, 25, died last month after succumbing to burn injuries.

She had been married to 24-year-old Bernard Kariha for three years.

Before her death, she told The Standard her husband was upset after she arrived late from her journey in Nairobi.

The late Lucy Nyira

Nyira had gone to purchase second-hand clothes for reselling.

“Traffic and diversions on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway caused the delay.

I explained that to my husband but he did not believe me. He expected me to have taken two hours,” she said.

She died while admitted at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital.


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