A man in Murang’a is seeking justice after neighbours and a police officer crushed his manhood “for stealing goats.”James Mwangi, 43, said the neighbours went to his home in Kiharu at about midnight on June 10 and called him out.

“I heard movements outside my house before a voice asked me to get out. They then took me to a neighbouring home where I was accused of stealing eight goats,” Mwangi said. 

He said a police officer was among them.

“I denied the allegations but they undressed me, burned my buttocks and thighs using a hot iron box,” he said.

One of the four brothers, Mwangi said, is a pastor at Kahawa Sukari estate in Nairobi. “He crushed my private parts using pliers.”

“They should have taken me to police if they were convinced that I stole the goats,” Mwangi said.

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He said he can no longer pass out urine as a result of the ordeal. His private parts were paining extremely.

“I also find it painful to sit because of the wounds inflicted by the hot panga on my buttocks. I don’t even sleep,” Mwangi said.

A tearful Mwangi told the Star at his home in Matithi village that he was slowly falling into depression because he was no longer able to support his wife feed their family.

“This torture might even cause me infertility,” he said.

The couple has a child and the wife is pregnant. Mwangi said he was planning to have more babies.

“They have rendered me disabled,” he said amid sobs.

Mwangi sought treatment at the Murang’a General Hospital after obtaining a p3 form from Murang’a police station.

He said police had not shown goodwill in helping him get justice by failing to arrest the attackers.

He said police were sympathising with the attackers because one of them was a police officer.

“They called the police officer to ask him when he can be available so that we can sit down and resolve the matter,” he said.

Mwangi’s wife Rose Wanjiru said she ran to her in-laws and informed them that her husband had been taken away by neighbours

“Before long, we heard him screaming in pain. We rushed to the home and found them torturing him. He was stripped naked with one man squeezing his private parts with pliers,” Wanjiru said.

Murang’a county police commander Josphat Kinyua confirmed the incident. He said the cop involved is an officer attacked to VIP protection and was stationed in Nairobi.

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He said the file will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for action.