Former President Daniel Moi

Former President Daniel Arap Moi and his family need your prayers.

This is after he was taken to The Nairobi Hospital for the second time in two weeks for a routine exam.

Doctors in the hospital have told the Star that the 95-year-old former head of state was rushed to the hospital on Thursday last week from his Kabarnet Gardens home, Nairobi.

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“It is something to do with the breathing system. He is experiencing difficulty in breathing,” a doctor who sought not to be identified told the Star when asked what was ailing Moi.

All about the condition former President Moi is being treated for in ICU

His press secretary Lee Njiru, who is away in Nakuru county, Moi’s rural home, dismissed the hospitalisation claims, saying the retired President was relaxing at his Kabarnet Gardens home.

“Retired President Moi is relaxing at Kabarnet Gardens. He left the hospital like two weeks ago. He is not back to the hospital but is resting at his home,” Moi’s long-serving spokesman emphasised.

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However, Kanu secretary Nick Salat confirmed that Moi is admitted at the hospital “for a regular check-up and not in the ICU”.

Salat said Moi had gone to the facility two days ago for a check-up, which had been scheduled the last time he was there.

“He was there some days back and had just returned as requested by his doctors. He is an old man and regular check-ups for people of his age are just normal,” he added.

He continued, “Mzee has grown old and every day he is okay we thank God. We all have people who are of that age and they go to the hospital every other time.”

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