A form four student from Milele High School in Naivasha is fighting for his life in hospital after he drunk a poisonous chemical during the ongoing KCSE examinations.

The 18-year-old boy is admitted to Naivasha sub-county hospital in critical condition after he drunk the chemical on Friday but his condition deteriorated on Monday morning.

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Following the incident, the student missed out on biology practical paper that was undertaken on Monday as doctors moved in to save his condition.

According to a source in the school, the students managed to get access to the chemical on Friday during the Chemistry practical paper.

“The information we are getting is that the students mixed the chemical with water and drunk it but the condition of one of the student deteriorated over the weekend,” said the source.

Speaking on phone, the superintendent in charge of the sub-county hospital Dr Joseph Mburu termed the student’s condition as critical.

He said that the minor was unconscious adding that they were making plans to transfer him to either Kenyatta National Hospital or Rift Valley provincial hospital.

“From the report we have received, the student drunk ethanol which is very lethal and we are making plans to have him transferred to an intensive care unit,” he said.

The doctor added that when the student was wheeled in, he was unconscious and needed urgent medical care due to the effects of the chemical.

“We understand that the chemical was concentrated and its effects have adversely affected the body system and we hope that he shall recover,” he said.

Naivasha sub-county commissioner Isaac Masinde confirmed the incident adding that education officers had started their investigations into the case.

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Masinde termed the incident as shocking and worrying noting that this was the first case that the sub-county had reported since the examinations started.

“We are made to understand that one of the KCSE candidates is admitted in hospital in serious condition and we pray that he shall recover,” he said.

The commissioner noted that the examinations which come to an end on Wednesday had progressed well with very few challenges mainly in terms of transport recorded.

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