DJ Evolve

DJ Evolve’s family is requesting your prayers. His condition is not good.

DJ Evolve

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The disc jockey, who was shot on the neck last Friday by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is hospitalised at Nairobi Hospital’s ICU wing.

DJ Evolve – real name Felix Orinda – underwent two successful surgeries, where a bullet that was lodged in his neck was removed.

In the second surgery, a blood clot was removed from the affected area.

DJ Evolve being carried out of B Club after being shot

He was scheduled for a third surgery on January 20 but it didn’t happen.

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Mike Lukulu, a close friend of DJ Evolve has revealed that the surgery didn’t take place because he developed trachea complications.

The surgery to realign his upper spine that was scheduled to take place on Monday was put on hold after Felix suddenly developed Tracheostomy (Trachea) complications,’ MIKE POSTED.

DJ Evolve

He went ahead to explain that DJ Evolve surgeons have been forced to perform tracheal surgery before the Chiropractic one.

The lead surgeon has thus recommended for a tracheal surgery prior to the Chiropractic adjustment (spine surgery) taking place. Jesus is at the wheel. All will be well.

DJ Evolve

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Complications and risks of tracheostomy include; 


Tracheostomy tube can be blocked by blood clots, mucus or pressure of the airway walls

Air trapped around the lungs (pneumothorax)

Air trapped in the deeper layers of the chest(pneumomediastinum)

Air trapped underneath the skin around the tracheostomy (subcutaneous emphysema)

Damage to the swallowing tube (esophagus)

Injury to the nerve that moves the vocal cords (recurrent laryngeal nerve).

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We at Mpasho send our prayers to the deejay and his family. We wish him a quick recovery.