Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee is worried.

One of her white baby daddies is missing. She took to social media to beg any woman, who knew about his whereabouts to contact her.

Akothee and the mzungu baby daddy have had issues in the past and he even took her to court seeking full custody of their son.

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I can’t find my baby daddy (The stubborn one) on phone and he has not reported in the Whatsapp group. If you know you’re with my stubborn baby daddy make sure he is safe…,’ she wrote in part.


If you are with him, tell him the children, I and papa Oyoo are waiting on whatsapp as usual by 9.00 pm. We want to make plans for the December holiday for the family yet he is always coming up with changes so he better be here.

Akothee with mzungu baby-daddy
Akothee with mzungu baby daddy

Akothee is yet to announce whether he was found or not.

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The singer’s fans were mesmerized by the fact that she is in the same group with all her baby daddies.

Reations include;

patriciapaul Haki na umewaweza baby dad wote wako kwenye group moja ya whatsapp.

melvin_matelong Yaani all the baby daddy group moja power of money and been independent lady.

mwende.comedian Can you add me in the WhatsApp group please  so that I make charts interesting☺.

mamatalib All baby daddies in one group? Very interesting Madam Boss.

Karista Kanana 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a crazy family.. U need a reality TV show.. Keeping up with the Akothees.

June Vuguza Wololoooo… If I was your co-wife I swear I will never be angry with you…we be best friends until our Papa becomes jealous of us.

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