Lawyer and ex-TV girl Esther Arunga will today know her fate after she admitted to lying to police about the circumstances that led to her son’s death in a bid to protect her husband in Australia.

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Arunga on Monday pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder after the fact to manslaughter.  She admitted to lying to police in a bid to help her husband, Quincy Timberlake to avoid punishment.

Esther Arunga and her husband Quincy Timberlake

Quincy is accused of killing their three-year-old son Sinclair. The boy died due to blunt force trauma to the abdomen in 2014 in their family home in Kallangur, Australia.

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Prosecutor Danny Boyle said  Arunga had called the emergency services and told them that the boy had fallen down the stairs.

But an autopsy revealed Sinclair died as a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar” and his injuries were inconsistent with a fall.

Esther Arunga
Esther Arunga with her child

Boyle said Esther diverted the spotlight away from her husband for 26 days. It wasn’t until Quincy was involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility that Arunga changed her statement.

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Kenyans have been using hashtag #BringBackArungaHome hoping that God would hear their prayers but unfortunately not.

Four years ago Kenyan High commissioner to Australia, Isaiah Kabira told a local media outlet that the government had tried to reach the Timbrlakes but in vain.

‘We don’t have a comprehensive communication on the report. The Australian police told us the privacy of the matter and that the couple had told them not to talk to anybody about it,’ Kabira said.

Kenyans are continuing to send positive messages to Arunga and her family. One Albert Kimutai has shared a touching message not only to Esther Arunga but to the youth out there. 

‘While we empathize and sympathize with Esther Arunga…

When we talk to young people about how bad and negative peer influence can destroy their lives, they sometimes think it’s a mirage.

When people talk about the devil, ask people to go to church and pray, people think it’s a joke.

That the Bible and Quran talks about the devil being a liar and a destroyer is real.

When we talk to our students, youth, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters to be careful about the people they associate with, to be very careful and involve their parents, church, counselors when they get a man or woman to marry, sometimes, if not always, they take it for granted.

When we tell our youth, girls, to be real and avoid flashy, flamboyant, young but imaginatively rich young men, who build castles in the air, they think it’s a story from the scripted from Cherangany, Aberdare, Sabor, Kamotony, Kamatira, Kaptagat, Boni, Embobut or Karura forest.

When your friends, relatives are advising you against something, give it a thought.

A man or woman, another human being can indeed destroy the life of another person.

ESTHER Arunga was a very successful career woman on TV.

She was destined for greatness.

Then came Quincy Timberlake, the Luo guy with a white name. He destroyed that woman’s life.

Let’s wish Esther, our innocent girl the best as she is being sentenced for pleading guilty to being an accomplice in the murder of her son.

Unfortunately, in Australia, like other Western nations and unlike Africa, they value life very much. Esther will be punished. Sad but true.

When murder occurs and you witness it, or you hear any plan of it, be the first to report it to the authorities. It will save your skin tomorrow. Jacque Maribe is suffering the same predicament.

The devil is real

Our young people deserve our support. Let’s keep shepherding them. Let’s not tire.’

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