A 47-year-old man has been charged with breaking his wife’s rib for being slow to serve him dinner.

Kennedy Oyoo allegedly broke Caroline Wangui’s rib on May 30 in Kasarani. Wangui went to the city centre to buy clothes but had to wait for the seller from 11am to 3pm. Oyoo came back home around 7pm. They later left together and headed for the pub.

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Wangui is said to have left earlier to go home to prepare the food. A few minutes later, Oyoo walked in, demanding his supper. He started quarreling, accusing Wangui of delaying his meal when he should be “served like a king”. A fight ensued and he allegedly hit her. Wangui was taken to hospital and police traced Oyoo.

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Oyoo denied the charges before chief magistrate Heston Nyaga and was released on Sh60,000 bail. The matter will be heard in October 15.