Sachangwan Accident

At least 37 people died yesterday in a grisly road accident at the Sachangwan blackspot on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

The 12.30pm accident involved more than 15 vehicles and some people died on the spot while others were stuck in the wreckage for hours.

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Witnesses said the trailer ferrying fertiliser to Nakuru from Eldoret was being pursued by NTSA officials and the driver lost control of the vehicle while speeding off, ramming into a bus, which then caused a pileup involving PSVs and private vehicles.

Personal vehicle driver Elias Muturi said, “The driver of the trailer was being pursued by NTSA officials on the way to Nakuru. The trailer hit a Modern Coast bus.”

Seven people were stuck inside the bus for hours.

Muturi said close to 60 people died on the spot while 40 sustained injuries.

The highway was barricaded for hours, forcing road users to divert to Molo town.

David Njenga, one of the passengers in the bus on its way to Kampala, said the accident was caused by the trailer.

“I was traumatised to see parts of bodies torn apart,” he said.

Njenga said he saw bodies of five people without their heads.

The scene is barely a kilometre away form the mass grave where fire accident victims were buried eight years ago.

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The police, the Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance vehicles tried to remove the bodies stuck in the cars.

The accident happened barely a week after the wife of Deputy President Rachel Ruto led a group in prayers at the blackspot and two days after Kalenjin musicians died in an accident on the road.

This happened amid demands from locals for the construction of a dual carriage road to separate lorries and small cars.

Locals said the NTSA has not helped manage the rising number of road accidents.

Nakuru county police commander Hassan Barua spoke to the press at the scene and said the accident was caused by a trailer whose brakes failed.

He said investigations have been launched.

Barua could not confirm the exact number of deaths. He urged drivers to be careful and obey traffic rules.

Here are the photos from the horrific Sachangwan accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident


Sachangwan Accident



Energy CS Charles Keter went to the accident scene and said the government will address the situation.


Source: Star/Amos kerich