Highway Sacco Bus Accident

A survivor of the horrific accident that left 20 dead and several injured after a bus they were traveling in collided with two trailers at  Soysambu area near Gilgil on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway has finally spoken out.

The bus was headed to Busia from Nairobi.

According to the middle-aged man, the driver was overspeeding when the accident occurred at 2:30 am this morning. The injured were rushed to St. Marys hospital where they are still undergoing treatment.

OH NO! 19 Dead In Grisly Road Accident Along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway (PHOTOS)

The survivor is happy to be alive.

“There were a few people on the bus who commanded the driver to drive fast. I tried to tell him to observe road safety rules and drive as per the normal speed but he didn’t listen. He continued driving faster and overtaking as many vehicles as he can.
He ended up causing an accident. After the accident, he escaped unhurt and we don’t know of his whereabouts,” said the lucky man.

Here’s the video, watch it