Lady Maureen

Ohangla superstar Lady Maureen’s family has disowned her. The ailing singer who was admitted at Jaramogi Oginga Teaching and Referral Hospital a few weeks ago was discharged on February 20 but had nowhere to go to.

All her family members and including her mother have rejected her and she’s not welcomed in their homes.


According to sources, Lady Maureen and her mother are not in good terms. In a recent interview with, the singer’s mother called out friends of her daughter who ran away from her after she fell sick.


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Nancy Achieng, a good samaritan who took the Wagni Wabiro hitmaker to her house, told NTV that her family doesn’t want anything to do with her.

I talked to the mother and she said I shouldn’t take her (Maureen) to her place and wasn’t going to allow us to take her to Migori (her parents’ home),’ she said.

Nancy revealed that one of the singer’s cousin told her that she had offered to house her but the mother warned her.

I had agreed to take Lady Maureen but the mother has told me not to take her and I don’t know the reason why,’ she said.

After the conversation, Nancy said Maureen’s cousin promised to call back and she was shocked by her response.

As a family, we have decided that you’re going to own Maureen now.

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Here are the latest photos of the Ohangla singer that have left tongues wagging

Lady Maureen

Lady Maureen Lady Maureen Lady Maureen

The treatment Maureen has been given by her family has ignited mixed reactions among social media users and below are the comments;

Roseline Manyasi Mukoya You will be invited given the best treatment when you have money and you’re health. But wacha tu wasikie umegonjeka ukaishiwa, even your own brother or sister will ranaway from you leave alone aunties and uncles… But maybe kuna kitu lady Maureen did. Still they can forgive her

Otis Charles There is nothing worse in this world like being rejected by people,more so family.You may end up taking ua life,so pliz she may also need counselling

Jane Wachira Some mothers are so evil haki. However bad or wrong a child is,a mother stands by her/his side when everyone else has walked out. She forgets the wrongs,covers her child’s nakedness but huwa mamake Maureen amezidi. May God see her through and I wish these guys whenever they make good money at least wawe wanaekeza just in case things get wring as they are now.

Julia Jelagat by the look of things ,there was something wrong during her hey days, you can’t be neglected if you were supportive. As we climb up, we should be careful not to step on people

George Mugo I think she should be taken to a rehab center first.She seems disturbed.There she can rest and get all the counseling she may need.
Everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

Chebo Mutwol Am praying for her wellbeing and her to rise again and hope she is taking note of how people never want you ukiwa huna pesa

Julia Jelagat Musicians should come through for their own. Fans can contribute through playbill and ease her suffering.

Karanja WaKimani don’t be surprised to learn they were following her like flies when she was beautiful, energetic and RICH…..She will be back on her feet, God will give her a second chance

Victorine Olunga At times life can be so sad one time you are a star the next time nobody wants you just repent my siter you have been sick for a long. May God send an angel to save you Quick recovery.

Caroline Shivoche What a mother??? Please NTV drop the paybill harakaharaka I once enjoyed her songs at carnivore 10 yrs back when I was still a worldly girl before I accepted Christ to be my saviour. We are ready to help her.😭😭😭