A disturbing photo of a bleeding and battered woman believed to be a Kenyan who was reportedly attacked by her employer in Saudi Arabia has sent chills down the spines of many.

The photo which was shared online by a Kenyan man who is based in the same country shows a distressed woman with blood trickling down her face.


According to the source, the woman is having it rough in the foreign land. She is mistreated and abused on a daily basis. This case is not new as many stories about employers from the middle east countries assaulting their employees have always grabbed headlines. Some even kill their employees or send them to jail where they serve up to 30 years.

If anyone knows this Kenyan Lady working in Saudi Arabia, please she needs help. Her employers are mistreating her badly,” Musau posted on Facebook accompanied by this photo.


Kenyan Women

Kenyans were heartbroken and commented on the same post warning desperate women from travelling to middle east countries in search for greener pastures.

Here are some of the reactions

Zuhura: If that is green pastures, let me stay here for blue pastures

Lina: Severally people have been warned not to step to Saudi Arabia. These Saudi Arabians are molesters. Can’t they treat people well? I wonder the god they worship.

Caroline wrote, “Why do they go there for 20 thousand shillings and they are never paid. Better stay in Kenya ulipwe 5k and you are safe. You work like a donkey and go without food.”

“Aki Shuma Ya Boss Wangu Ni Kubwa Na Tamu”, Confesses Kikuyu Woman

Felista: I pray that you get back home safely.

Arnold: This is saddening. Where is the High Commission based that side?

Seline: Alifikaje huko…i wonder how you work for this Saudi Arabia h
guys…they are not human…ladies plz hustle here in Kenya

Richard: We want our girls back.Saudi Arabia should know that God is watching

Stephen: Very sad, high commissioner of Saudi Arabia in Kenya can do that. Is there any authenticity of the photo? Let’s ask whoever send this to explain how or she got the photo without giving a solution to the problem, in addition, this girl should be having contacts of her confidants in Kenya.

Mary: Kenyans and ALL Africans must learn that to the Arabs, ALL others are fair game for rape, torture, brutal working conditions etc etc etc. Thousands of Indian and Philippines contractors (building sites) and domestic staff are ROUTINELY mentioned in human rights violations by many NGO’s. From burning with hot water by Arab wives to rape and deportation without pay of said rape victims when found to be pregnant. This is relevant across the Arab world! Those are the ” lucky” ones. Many cases of abduction and selling in their private slave markets have been reported. The grass is NOT greener in Arab states!

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