Richard Muema

Freelance journalist Richard Muema is currently admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He was shot seven times by a thug in Kasarani’s Sunton area at his friend’s shop last Tuesday.

He was rushed to St. Francis hospital in Kasarani by good Samaritans where he received first aid and was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove bullets from his body.

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According to Muema’s brother, Wilberforce Makau, he stopped by his pal’s shop to buy airtime while on his way to work when he came face to face with death.

Muema was trying to rescue his friend who was being shot at by the armed thug, who police say is an ex-convict. He was released from Kamiti Maximum Prison after completing his jail term.

The shopkeeper Ulbanus Mutua is also admitted at KNH and he’s in a stable condition.

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One of Muema’s former classmates Donnie Munyao shared a post in Mbaikini old School members association asking well-wishers to help the family raise money to pay for the victim’s hospital bill.

Richard Muema (NOMAH) was on Tuesday 5th November 2019 at around 10.30pm attacked by armed robbers and shot around 8 times. He was taken to st. Francis hospital in kasarani where he received first aid and was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment. Yesterday on Thursday 6th November,2019 he underwent a successful surgery to remove the bullets where 7 bullets were removed from his body though one bullet is still remaining and will be removed after his health has stabilized. He is still admitted and recuperating at KNH and we are appealing for financial support from friends and people of good will to help settle the hospital bill which is skyrocketing. Kindly send any amount and we will appreciate for no amount is too little. Kindly send your contributions and pledges to Wilberforce Makau kasyoki [he’s the brother to Muema].

Below are photos of Richard Muema

Richard Muema

Richard Muema
Richard Muema on ICU bed at KNH
Kasarani thug
Kasarani thug brandishes gun on Richard

Richard Muema

The bizarre robbery case has angered many, calling upon the police to arrest the armed thug who’s a threat to the society. They’re also hoping that Muema will be back on his feet.

Mtoto Mpole This goons should be jailed forever this man is a threat to humanity.

Maggie Brenda This is where I shop, I leave a stone throw, the tension we have around here is just unbelievable

Martin Ongadi I need well-wishers and prayer warriors to intercede for Richard Muema, who took on armed robbers in Kasarani and was shot 7 times. The selfless guy is fighting for his life at the ICU, Kenyatta hospital. 🙏

Caroline Munene Quick recovery to him…..! He tried to defend his brother. I would also have done the same……!

Kanyi Mwari It was sad watching the video. Maybe he thought the gun was just a toy. A man was killed the same way at Wangige as he was confronted by a thug. He thought it was a toy gun till he was shot in the stomach.

Rahma Said In your thoughts & Prayers pls remember Richard Muema who took on armed robbers in Kasarani shot 7 times fighting for his life in ICU

Lily Ray 7 bullets and he is still alive…wacha mungu aitwe mungu