After A Successful Brain Surgery, Big Kev Spends Quality Time With His Family And Friends (PHOTOS)

I was wheeled out of Nairobi Hospital on a stretcher on the 5th of October, my left side was completely paralyzed I had been put on a catheter and diapers so that I could travel. My nightmare started when I soiled myself and had to be changed by male nurses in Dubai. On arrival in India I was admitted to the ward and because I arrived in diapers I had to stay in diapers, there were times when I had to steam in my own broth, while waiting to be changed this went on for a few days as we waited to be taken to theatre, during this few days I hit the lowest that I have ever been in my life because I couldn’t help my self, I even came up with a nickname in my mother tongue to cope, which simply meant “the one who cannot help himself “
The male nurses who attended to me this time were Asman from Kereala and Jagdish from Bangalore they always had a smile to their face regardless of the work they were doing. According to them they would do anything to fend for their family including wiping grown men of their waste …. that was powerful ….
Ask yourself what would you do for your family ?
After gaining consciousness from ICU and returning to the ward, I then made a decision that I would fight back. The first stop was the diapers. I would do exercises at night to strengthen my pelvic muscles and after a few days I requested to be taken off the diapers in fact I actually ripped them off when the attendant came and decided there was no turning back. This however came with new challenges I had to learn how to hold line 2 (long calls). I still had a catheter for line 1… next step was to get ride of the catheter. The doctor agreed. I diligently continued with my pelvic exercises. This paid off and the catheter was removed and I now had control of my functions both line 1 and 2. I now graduated to a urine bowl and bedpan. I decided then and there that I wouldn’t use the bedpan with my weight it was too painful. My next target now became to get to the loo despite my weakness and for this i had to use a wheel chair. What this entailed was for me to try and get some strenth on my spine to enable me seat on the wheelchair. The nurses and my brother Edwin Jr Ombajo took to assisting and encouraging me to achieve this goal, during this time I was going through a lot spiritually, physiologically, emotionally and had zero or no use at all of my left side. A couple of hard days with the physio therapist and we achieved this hard goal of seating on the bed which was a great victory as I was now able to be transferred from the bed to the wheelchair then to the bathroom which meant I had bypassed the bedpan challenge LOL after all this the toilet seats in India were to small …
Tomorrow’ RETURN to Kenya
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