Big Kev is one of the faces that you recognise because of his role in building the Kenyan music industry. The events afficionado who is also the CEO Of TruBlaq has opened up about wearing adult diapers after his brain surgery.

In a very candid and raw post, Big Kev takes his fans through his struggle after his recent brain surgery.

Big Kev Needs Your PRAYERS! Here Is An Update On His Brain Surgeries

Read his very honest post about his life below.

Morning I can only share encouragement from my own experiences. First of all, if you read the story of the good Samaritan God can use anyone and everyone to fullfill his work as long as you are available. Love concurs all. Love can be the panacea to the world’s problems. I always hear there is enough to feed the world’s need and not the world’s greed. The problem is we look at each other through different lenses. Hate,Tribe, Religion, Status, Gender, Color etc etc.

I would like to thank close friends and family in particular Abdirahim Abdi, Jonathan Mueke, Henry Otiende, Shiko Mueke, Hussein Mohammed, d Onyancha, Wambui Njoora, Rosa Ndua’ti Muteru, Nick Korir.
There are many more of my Crews who have offered steadfast support to my family and I during this period. We cannot mention all but a few include Muscles, LXG and my GEMBA colleagues. Obviously this gratitude is extended to the rest of my family and friends both those that I know and do not know personally. Finally to all the individuals and groups that are standing with us in prayer God will hear our cry. I have a story to tell you about diapers. I had never imagined that I would wear adult diapers.