Mariam Kigenda

The widower of Mariam Kigenda who was involved in the Likoni Ferry Tragedy has arrived at the retrieval venue to identify the bodies.

John Wambua has been waiting for 13 good days.

The widow has been keeping a brave face ever since he heard the news of the tragedy.

“It is a pain I cannot wish even on my enemies,” said Wambua in a past interview.

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Mariam and AmandaKighenda, 35, and Amanda, aged four, drowned after their car slid off a moving ferry, the MV Harambee, into the Indian Ocean.

Today, the bodies were retrieved and now Wambua will be able to lay his kin to rest.

According to sources, the mother and daughter were found in a tight embrace. At the back seat. They died together in a bond made of love. Investigators had a hard time separating the bodies. Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna is set to brief the press.

Saving Mariam and Amanda! Photos from the retrieval of the Likoni Ferry Tragedy

Here are photos of John Wambua.

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