Remember the famous Facebook personality, Mfalme Tajiri aka Wamama?

Well, he is doing well after coming back home. Wamama, who was working in the gulf but not doing so well, recently landed a mega deal with Haco Industries.

This was after his family’s plight was highlighted on social media by local influencers. They were living in a not-so-conducive environment and Mbugua, a well-wisher called upon other well-wishers to help them.

Wamama's family
Wamama’s family

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Taking to his official page, Wamama thanked everyone for supporting him. He was able to raise money to build his family a house, which is currently under construction.

To all my friends and family who have supported me in many ways, I want to thank you for being with me and helping me, I have received a lot of support.


1.Thanks to that woman who fixed my dental formula now I can smile and laugh with confidence since I was born.
2. Thanks to those who provide me with new clothes, suits and shoes.
3. Thanks to those who sent me some amount of money for Easter.
4. Thanks to those who pray for me.
5. Thanks to those who teach me and advice me how to be humble and how to love and respect everyone.
6. Thanks to Derrick Mbugua who hold my hand and supported me from the day I landed in Kenya, he is such a humble guy, a guy who has a good heart.
7.Thanks to all my bae’s, my sweethearts, my lovely Queens for supporting me, voting for me and crown me to be your king, kumi tena. I love you so much till death do us apart mwaaaaaaah

The humble man has been busy traveling across the country marketing Haco products.

Hallo Wamama wangu today am in kisumu town I have started my compaign courtesy ParrotGroup Haco Industries, Amara @ace @so soft, Sparkle Haco Tiger Brands (EA) Ltd(EA) Ltd home of quality inbox your location salon, hotel, barber shops, office will visit you na zawadi Tele.

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Many have congratulated him on his new job and we hope he will not disappoint. Check out the comments:

Imani Chebet Congrats our bae, you will go far

Keyshia Smith All the best my love

Mercie Chebet All the best sweetheart♥️

Newton Kariuki Congrats

Hempstone Ongidi Otego Great Strides. And that’s how God works in mysterious ways. All the best.

Nivah Jerry De Osao Stay blessed

Chebo Tangwar You are the best bae go..go for it good luck

Nyamvula Gertrude God bless your work

Ro Bert Doing the perfect job, work hard bro nothing comes for free

Serina Young Na remember to dance to attract customers… I like your 💃 to get styles.