Michael Njogo

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s look-alike Michael Njogo was finally gifted a car by Maridady Motors.

The father of three who hails from Umoja and is popularly referred to as Uhunye by residents of the area was gifted a brand new Nissan Note worth Ksh600,000.

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Hot 96 presenter Professor Hamo was present when Njogo was awarded the car and Eric Mwangi, the CEO of Maridady Motors told the press that,

‘Gifting Njogo is one of the things we do and it is not an advertising stunt.
Many Kenyans are trying to cope with the brunt of Covid-19 any when we saw Uhunyee on media platforms and by reaching out to him, he told us that he used to have a taxi but the business went down. That is where we came in to help him.’

Njogo, who used to run a bar was affected among the millions who were affected after bars were closed down by President Uhuru to avoid the spread on Covid-19.

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The soft-spoken father while speaking to the media he also said that he was in taxi business before.

‘I am a businessman and as Kenyans are hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, I was not spared but through God’s plan, Maridady approached me after seeing me on the media to help me out,’ he said.


The media has tried to fish about me and I say that I do not have any blood ties with the First Family.

Check out photos of Njogo receiving the car

Michael Njogo Michael Njogo

President Uhuru’s look-alike Michael Njogo addresses the press after he was gifted a car by Maridady Motors

Michael Njogo

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