Rebecca Atieno and baby Hope

Kenyans were thrown into shock 7 months ago after Rebecca Atieno delivered a baby at Uhuru Park when her water broke throwing her into panic.

The young lady, whose daughter Hope is now 7 months, had just gone into the park to think of the way forward after being fired form her job.

Atieno worked as a waitress but is currently being housed by a good Samaritan as she hopes to secure a new job.

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Rebecca Atieno and baby Hope

On the fateful day, she could not even afford Sh10 to get to the City County toilets to check on herself after her water broke.

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Alone, dejected and rejected, she gave up. She knew the baby was coming. It was almost a month earlier from her due date.

Rebecca Atieno and her daughter Hope

She pushed out the baby on her own and with no scissors or razors, she cut the umbilical cord with a sim-card holder.

It was later that a good Samaritan saw her and called the St John’s ambulance, bought her some food, water and a Maasai wrap which she used to cover the baby.

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Rebecca Atieno after delivering her baby at Uhuru Park

She was later transferred to the Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to The Standard, Atieno is currently living in Ongata Rongai, where she is being housed by a good Samaritan, Christine Riungu.

Isn’t God amazing?

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