Mwalimu Rachel is no joke when it comes to soaring to greater heights.

Just a few months ago she quite Homeboyz radio to join another radio station after a decade-plus on it. Now she has already jumped to another side hustle.

Mwalimu Rachel loves to speak to people out there especially when it comes to career and love. She has decided to take this into writing.

Mwalimu Rachel

She posted a sexy picture of her in makeup and questions rose. Has she been featured in the magazine? Is she starting a magazine? After doing some research, we at found out that she is the new content manager of the magazine, Glow Magazine.

We must appreciate the hustle fam. Mwalimu Rachel is still a good mother, a good MC and a good radio host. She manages to wear all those hats and perform to her level best.

She joins the likes of Amina Abdi who has almost 4 jobs in a day. Amina posted a video on social media last weekend saying that she works hard because others work harder. So in 24 hours, she has to make the best out of it.

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Despite the many jobs, Amina still has time to pick her child, Tumi from school and cook for her husband, DJ John.

Amina Abdi

She is an all rounded mother and so is Mwalimu Rachel. They are perfect examples to mimic as girls who are trying to scoop every opportunity as career woman and mothers.

Below are pictures of her new gig: 

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