Departed songstress Achieng Abura must be very happy wherever she is. Why? one might ask. Well, its because Kenyans have really done her proud. 

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Before her passing, the former TPF judge set up an online fund on M-Changa to raise funds for her son – Prince – who’s suffering from sickle cell anaemia and a heart-related condition.

The online fund dubbed, The Prince Abura Sickle Cell Fund, aimed to raise Sh4,000,000 but the sum was changed to Sh4,700,000 after Abura’s death to help cater for funeral costs.

The amount Abura had in mind has finally been reached thanks to Kenyans who pulled their resources together. Actually, the figure had been surpassed by Sh9,908 by press time.


There’s no doubt that Abura is grinning from ear to ear after seeing the sacrifices Kenyans made to help her son get treatment.

In the same we joined hands to raise the Sh4 million, we should now help the family attain their Sh4.7M goal. After all, aren’t we almost crossing the finishing line?

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