Nobody would wish to be taken in ill. Personally, I dread hospitals. It’s the one place that I develop chills even if it’s going to visit a loved one or a friend. The sight of sick people makes me quite emotional and the only thing I find myself doing is saying a silent prayer for their quick healing.

Now, popular comedian and actor JB Masanduku is happy to be alive, after a gang of three men launched a daring daylight attack on him.

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The incident happened at around 5pm in Nairobi’s South B estate, as the witty comic left a recording studio located in the estate.

He has recounted how he was walking alone after the studio session, when three men armed with crude weapons ambushed him with the aim of robbing him of his valuables and money.

“The incident happened so fast but I managed to notice that they had armed themselves with a machete and a glass bottle. They aimed for my head with the machete but I blocked the oncoming weapon with my hand. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it got my hand which was cut really bad,” he exclusively told us.

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The comedian fell unconscious, only to gain consciousness four hours later at Mater Hospital.


He adds:

“The machete had severely damaged a coronary artery and two tendons and I was a subject of surgery. I underwent two successful surgeries, one at around 9pm and another at 3am. I am really thankful to people who took me to hospital and to the fast response of doctors at Mater.”

JB was discharged from the medical facility on Friday, December 2nd, 2016, after a three-week stay at the hospital.

The comedian, who is the husband to Classic 105 mid-morning presenter Tina Kagia, reported the matter at Muthangari Police Station.


JB Masanduku with wife Tina Kagia.

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We wish him a quick recovery as he recuperates at home.