Danson Mungatana
Danson Mungatana

Danson Mungatana was once the rising star in Mijikenda politics, some would even say the heir apparent to control the vast coastal region.

Danson Mungatana

The former Garsen Mp lost his bid to become Tana River governor when he came in fourth last year. But it seems that loss would be the least of his troubles as he has now lost a huge chunk of money this year.

How much exactly? 76 million shillings!!! According to the tabloid the Nairobian, Mungatana got involved with some West African con-men who fleeced him of this huge sum of money.

How did he lose the money exactly? 

Mungantana was hooked by the quick lie that most con-men use, the get rich quick scheme.

What happened is that the conmen who were identified as Malians Abdoulaye Tamba Kouro, his son, Abdala Tamba and Kenyan Anthony Mangangi Munyiva, identified Danson as a potential mark among 8 other prominent Kenyans.

The con-men
The con-men

They then set out to bait him, loop him in and systematically started obtaining money in several tranches from the politician.

The 3 specialize in a con-game that is called wash-wash, police sources told the Nairobian:

That the conmen first wash some money and then give their victim the dollars to go to a forex bureau or a bank to confirm authenticity.

The police source added to the Nairobian:

For them, it’s the investment they put into their dirty business. Thereafter, the victim will be convinced that the dollars are real and more can be found. So a victim goes back but they ask for more money. That’s the trick the mheshimiwa fell for.

The proceeds from their first time working together were spectacular for him. He made four times his seed money on the millions he put in.

Danson Mungatana

Now that they had him hooked with future riches, they told him to invest more so that he would make more money. That he could and would become a billionaire!

Mungatana could n’t be reached for comment.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Danson Mungatana

That is how the smart politician lost 76 million shillings! This is the first time I have gone through a Mungatana story without mentioning Cecilia Mwangi or his wife Mwanaisha Chidzuga! Damn it! I have now, have n’t I?

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