Zari Hassan, diamond’s ex-wife, is a role model according to the sentiments by her younger sister.

Zari was in Kenya this past weekend as she was the headliner of the recently concluded Purple Concert which was a breast cancer screening initiative held at Uhuru Gardens in Lang’ata. Zari admitted to Classic 105’s Maina Kageni that she left the controversial singer after he repeatedly cheated on her.

She confessed that she felt disrespected and had to pull the plug on the relationship (which she sensationally did on Valentine’s Day) to set an example for both her daughter, Princess Tiffah and her son Nilan.

Read the full interview here, and watch the video in which she speaks candidly about her tumultuous relationship with the East African megastar.

Tall mnyama: ‘I was the first one to ‘eat’ Zari,’ screams club DJ

Her younger sister has been paying attention to her and the emotional roller coaster her relationship to Diamond had her on and one of them took to social media to heap praise on Zari, making special note of the role she has played in her life and those of their other siblings since their mother died.

She wrote

“Wherever bibi is watching from am sure she is so proud of you and your achievements we are proud too for you hold this family strong and you always there for us as a sister and you took over mum’s position as a mother to us stay blessed. doll love you.”

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