Maina Kageni

Classic 105 breakfast show presenter Maina Kageni left the country to enroll at a college in the UK, but as it turned out, he never set his foot in a lecture hall.

This is something he regrets doing because his mother never forgave him for being a truant.

When Maina got to the UK, he thought, why not make money instead.

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He switched his focus and began working as a truck driver and fish distributor for some Chinese firm.

His mother was not aware of the development and carried on with Kageni’s graduation celebration plans when the time was due.

“For the 25 years, my mum only forgave me last year,” he said in a Q&A with fans on YouTube.

Maina said his mother had so much faith in him and, unlike his brother and sister, he was given his school fees in cash.

“I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK. My mum found out and she was not happy with me until last year, when she called me home and after dinner, she told me she forgiven me for not going to university,” he said.

Maina says he didn’t believe his mother had kept that grudge for all those years.

“My mum told me, Maina, if there is something I had promised your dad is that all his children would go to university,” he said. Maina’s dream was to become a lawyer.

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