Mukami Mwaura

Mukami Mwaura wife to Kenyan politician Isaac Mwaura has talked about her insecurities growing up. This was majorly caused by her discolored teeth.

The problem lasted even into her adulthood. But she has since had them sorted and she feels much better.

Sharing on her social media she says,

‘I always had problematic Teeth Growing Up . I had my first filling in Class 6… My sweet tooth did not help.

By form two I had my first root canal for my front tooth which was followed by a another filling.

So apart from Constant Tooth aches I also had discolored teeth.

I hated smiling ! ..most times people would ask me if we had borehole water but I dismissed them .’


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‘Come 2016 when I was expectant, Before my 8weeks Scan when we found out we were having triplets I had already started having tooth aches .

By week 24, My front tooth broke and ofcourse nothing could be done. After Delivery so much was going that I forgot my teeth Issues .

I have said this before, So much was going on …I had lost so much and by 2018 I started working on the few things that I had control of.

First was my weight then came my teeth. It was horrible at first but I Had a great Doctor. It took me 8 months to get my beautiful smile. Not that I didn’t like myself Before but I felt much better.

We are all Beautifully and Wonderfully Created, But we all have insecurities which we should never allow to rule our lives .’

Mukami has since had her smile redefined and we love it.

‘But God has also given the knowledge and resources on how to fix some of these insecurities…. So why not ? 

I love my new smile. Oral hygiene is key because I never Want to go back to that place again.’

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