Heh! The rich also cry or so I hear… I am yet to see it though.

From dating the son of the president to actually being the daughter of one of the most powerful women in Kenya, and to cap it all, she’s hella sexy! Like crazy sexy! The type that would make you piss on her if you ever got her just to mark territory.

And now, the lass is jamming with KimYe. Man, life has really taken a shine to this lass! Think about it, if you have aspirations of taking over the fashion world, you want to have KimYe take note of what you’re upto… And when Nur Firyal saw an opportunity to take a photo with Kimye, she took it.


The photos were taken at the Paris Fashion Week and though this happened a while back, she still has bragging rights. But before we get to it, I have to get to get my word count up so let me speak about her mother:


Amina C. Mohamed Jibril (Somali: Aamina Maxamed Jibriil; Arabic: امينة محمد جبريل‎‎) (born 5 October 1961) is a Somali-Kenyan lawyer, diplomat and politician. She previously served as Chairwoman of the International Organization for Migration and the World Trade Organisation’s General Council, as well as Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. As of 20 May 2013, she is the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Kenya.