Presidential aspirant and Amani National Congress (ANC) Party boss Musalia Mudavadi has weighed in on Willy Paul’s on-stage shenanigans with Tanzanian beauty Nandy.

Mudavadi was clued in on how Willy Paul has been getting down and dirrrrrtttttty with Nandy on his stage performances and he had some advice for him.

Speaking to Radio Citizen, Mudavadi started by saying, “I think I have just heard the name but I have not heard him singing.”

Willy Paul made headlines with his super raunchy performance with Nandy recently at KICC.

If you missed it, check out the link below.

Willy Paul officially goes secular with raunchy performance with Nandy

Willy PaulMudavadi advised,

“They should not distort the gospel at all. It’s important that they can find ways of attracting their audience and captivating them. They should not try and compete with the people who have a completely different calling in the way they present themselves.”

After Willy Paul’s Nairobi performance that left jaws dropping on the ground, he took the same act to Tanzania to Sumbawanga for the Nandy Festival.

Lyrics that prove Khaligraph Jones’ hit song can get you laid!

There, he repeated the very sensual show that simulated coitus on stage.

Willy Paul dancing with Nandy
Willy Paul dancing with Nandy

The politician gave Willy Paul some wise words to live by.

“So I would say, they need to rethink so that they are not doing anything that is completely going off what would be a dignified gospel approach.”

Willy Paul is yet to comment on this matter.

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