Shaffie Weru

Rumours have for so long been going on that radio king, Shaffie Weru once bonked popular socialite Vanessa Chettle. Shaffie who is one of the top radio personalities is a well-known rave-rend master and his personality has enabled him land many deals with top corporates. While his counterparts have faded into insignificance and others are struggling to make ends meet, Shaffie is living large.

UTAMU WA MAISHA! Shaffie Weru Gets Tongues Wagging After Buying His ‘Radio Wife’ This Expensive Gift

Vanessa, one of the most liked socialites around, is a party animal and many know her for that. She never misses events and word is that she is at times paid to make appearances at events. What a nice way to make money?

The real socialite who doesn’t have to fake her accent and brag for nothing like most socialites do was also once again accused of being HIV positive but she silenced her haters after undergoing a test and guess what the results were.

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The bold radio personality has been silent about the rumor that has been going around for ages and he has finally come out to speak on the matter.

“Yes, I love petite figured lasses, not thick women. I have never had a thing with Vanessa Chettle like people say. Sijawahi mnyandua. Muwache ujinga! (I have never had sex with her. Stop being silly and spreading lies).

The playboy is a married man with two daughters whereas on the other hand, we are not sure if Vanessa is dating as she has been keeping a low profile away from the limelight.

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There you have it. That is the truth straight from the horses mouth.