Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o is one of the baddest  MC’s in Kenya right now and we all know his struggle to get to the top.

The funny story is that he was given his stage moniker by Papa Shirandula when they were being given roles for a show and it stuck to date.


Jalang’o tells his story saying he started his journey at Kiss FM with no papers at all. They were told to come in for an interview to replace the legendary Nyambane who was Caroline Mutoko’s co-host.

When Jalang’o and the rest went in, they were told whoever had a degree to all move to the right and he did despite the fact that he had no papers at all.

Then the terms became tougher and they were told if either of them had a degree in communication, ey were to move further down the hall and there’s no prize in guessing what Jalang’o did.

Hacker releases leaked screenshots of slay queen’s conversation with Jalang’o and Oga Obinna


All his efforts of lying have given him the brand he is today and just like everyone else who becomes famous and has a large following he is seeking a parliamentary seat. You heard it right. Jalang’o wants to become the next Lang’ta MP come 2022.

I will be using jalang’o jalang’o in 2022 as my name on the posters as I run for lang’ata mp


Has this become the new trend? He explained that he is now taking up a degree at Daystar University where he is studying community development all for the sake of understanding how he will manage to be an MP in Lang’ata. I guess he will join the likes of Jaguar, Frasha, Babu Owino and KJ.