Actress Kawira of popular drama show Papa Shirandula is heavily pregnant with her first born.

The actress has revealed this as she and her hubby Ephantus Safari just celebrate three years of marriage.

The star who acts as an illiterate village girl has come out to share her experience in marriage saying it’s not all rosy and smooth. She then described the love of her life as her ‘super mentor’

“It’s been 3yrs. Three years since My tender heart was stolen by an handsome robber who has taken good care of it.. Truly these are 3yrs of God’s faithfulness. I must agree that it has not been all rosy and smooth. Good news is that My Spiritual Mum @revkathykiuna once told me that you don’t enter Marriage with your own rules. Be ready to give it your ALL. And SUBMIT to the Man of your dreams aka spouse.
Enough said,
To My Dearest Husband,
Thank you for being understanding, loving, awesome and above all caring.
Happy Anniversary Bae. Cheers to us. My Super Mentor.”

Her husband then took to social media to announce the good news of Kawira’s pregnancy, calling her an ‘understanding wife’.

“Prov 19:14 NLT
Fathers can give their sons an inheritance of houses and wealth, but only the LORD can give an understanding wife.

Glory be to God,
It’s been 3 years of love, love, love and laughter. It’s just like yesterday, when i engaged you and accepted to walk with me down the isle and exchanged vows before our parents, friends, colleagues and our spiritual fathers. Your charisma, grace, modesty,dignity and beauty is something that i dreamt of. Its now a reality. We will sing this song forever and if anything would still love to hold your hand in eternity.”

He added

“I will forever be grateful to God for this awesome gift. Now, our family is growing, I just wanna wish you grace, strength and more grace as you are transiting to motherhood. I will be there for you and our children. I will be the priest, the father, the husband, the security and the role model.
Mmmmmm live long my shebebee… Love you so much! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us.”

Congratulations to the two love birds.

Mapenzi Kama Kikohozi Hayafichiki! Beautiful Photos Of Papa Shirandula’s Actress Kawira And Her Husband Surface

Now, Check out Kawira’s beautiful baby bump;








We at Mpasho are happy for her and pray God continues to bless the couple.