Fashion stylist Annabel Onyango and her husband Marekhave welcomed their second born, a son whom they have named Rio Nile Anděl.

According to Annabel the name of their second son traces its roots to his Nilotic roots.

Our second son was born yesterday at 7.29am; at only 35 weeks he was clearly eager to join our little circus.

He is named for the River Nile, a homage to his Nilotic roots.

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Annabel Onyango

The Nile is the longest river in the world and our continent’s most enduring & powerful natural landmark.

Anděl [Ahn-dyel] in Czech means Messenger of God or Angel, which our boy literally is. We loved him even before we knew he existed.

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new born son to Annabel Onyango and Marek

THANK YOU ALL for the outpouring of love and good vibes you always show our (now perfectly complete!) family, sending it right back. Love A, M, K.

Marek and Annabel have a son, Kenzo.

Marek, Annabel Onyango’s husband with their son Kenzo

Marek was the manager to Sauti Sol but going by his profile it is not clear whether he is working with them anymore.

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