Comedian Njugush

Comedian Njugush and Celestine Ndinda’s son Tugi is a funny little angel.

The little boy has taken after his father and has been branded the future health CS by Kenyans after imitating the current CS Mutahi Kagwe.

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Celestine got pregnant with Tugi four months after their wedding in 2016 and speaking about the experience on her YouTube channel, she said,

‘I had given myself a one year honeymoon before I gave birth. We got married in December  2016 and we did not have a job,’ she said.


In June 2017 we got a job with bountiful safaris. We were to go to Mombasa and that’s when I was expecting my monthly period. What we did not know was that we were already pregnant with Tugi. I would get cramps but my menses were not coming so we went to Abel to ask for advise, all along my husband always came out (Withdrawal method).

Njugush and his wife always serve us couple goals. They live a scandalous free life unlike their Counterparts in the showbiz industry who thrive on controversy and publicity stunts.

Celestine Ndinda
Tugi and his parents

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Comedian Njugush's son

Comedian Njugush Comedian Njugush Comedian Njugush

Tugi Kimani Tugi Kimani Tugi Kimani Tugi Kimani

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 Celestine Ndinda
Celestine Ndinda Celestine Ndinda