Magie actresss

TV series Maria is one of the most-watched and talked about show, currently.

All this thanks to its young, vibrant and multitalented actors.

Magie is among the young actors in the show who always leave us glued to the screen.

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Magie plays the role of Silas’s girlfriend, who’s a welder.

Mama Silas has approved their relationship and hates the other lady the son fancies called Vanessa (played by Wanjiku Stephens).

She is from the rich Williams family who is head over heels in love with her son [Silas].

Magie, an actress and commercial model based in Mombasa owns a beauty parlor. She’s a beautiful woman and recently she revealed her man hates makeup.

‘My babe has made me forget how to do my make-up 😑 he hates makeup with a passion plus i wanna give out my wigs i was told not to wear them anymore 🙄this guy is something else. I wish i could tag him but unfortunately hez not on IG.  But why do most men hate wigs and makeup and that’s what we love most ama ni wangu anasumbua?’ she posted.

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Below are photos of Magie, go through

Magie and Silas

Magie actress
Maria actors Magie and Silas

Magie actress Magie actress Magie actress

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